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GIRLS RULE Alida Buffalo Candle

by Alida Buffalo
Price $32.00

You guys, its finally here and ready for immediate shipment.

I am so excited to share this candle with you as its been a long time in the making. i wanted to create a candle that was so true to Alida Buffalo and everything we represent. GIRLS RULE.  

By choosing black rose and Oud as the fragrance i wanted it to represent the the feminine and delicate side with romantic black rose, then be strong and confident with the notes of Oud. The strong and feminine scents are reflective of us women, we really can be both. 

Treat yourself with the candle as a little reminder that you rule, be your own boyfriend and gift it to yourself or give it to your bff to let them know how fab you think they are.

Locally hand pourded in byron bay by the candle library 

Matching toes coming next week

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